About Us

Established in 2012.
Tinh Tam Trai vegetarian restaurant’s origins are from the desire of wishing people good health. According to our motto “Live Green – Be Healthy – Peaceful”, Tinh Tam Trai always makes an effort to take care of people and get the word out about the effect of vegetarianism to the life of everyone. We consider the health of our customer, it is the most important thing, the food served at Tinh Tam Trai is strictly a requirement by the chef and the owner in terms of safety from the selection of raw materials as well as the cooking utensils we use in processing. The processing and preparation of dishes at the restaurant always follow the rules of hygiene and ensure the safety of the food so as to bring health to our customers. Tinh Tam Trai Restaurant is honored to serve you the delicious vegetarian cuisine. We wish you health, happiness, and peace!